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The massage with the Gua Sha stone is your daily self-care ritual for glowing skin and relaxation. The ancient Chinese beauty technique helps you to accentuate the contours of your face, relieve tension and bring out your natural glow.

The massage with the Gua Sha stone is very simple and only takes a few minutes: put a few drops of facial oil on your cleansed face and gently pull the stone outwards from the centre of your face.


The massage with the Gua Sha stone

  • effectively relieves tension in your face,
  • stimulates your blood circulation and lymph flow,
  • removes toxins,
  • increases the elasticity of your skin,
  • highlights the natural contours of your face, and
  • promotes your natural glow.


The ruhi Gua Sha stone is made of natural obsidian of the highest quality. Due to its special shape, it perfectly reaches the contours and pressure points of your face.

Each Gua Sha stone is made by hand and is therefore unique. Shape and colour may differ slightly from the picture shown here.

The stone is delivered in a hand-printed canvas bag made of 100% cotton.


The beautiful, black obsidian is considered a particularly powerful stone. It arises from volcanic lava and is used in naturopathy to promote blood circulation, relieve tension and blockages, and strengthen connective tissue. In addition, it is known to increase the absorption of vitamins C and D.

This makes black obsidian the ideal stone for your Gua Sha facial massage – especially in combination with the right facial care! On an energetic level, the stone is best known for its anti-anxiety effect. A true multi-talent that should not be missing on any beauty shelf.

The Gua Sha treatment is a thousand-year-old massage and drainage method of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In Chinese, Gua stands for “scraping” and Sha means “acute illness”.

With the help of the Gua Sha stone, certain areas of the skin are scraped. As a result, reflex zones and so-called meridians, channels through which the life energy Chi flows, are activated. In TCM, massage is mainly used to prevent diseases, to stimulate blood and lymph flow, and to expel toxins.

Gua Sha Massage Gesicht how to

Preparation: Thoroughly cleanse your face and apply a skin oil of your choice. Use light pressure with 3 to 5 repetitions on each side.

Eyes: Use the tips of the Gua Sha stone, place it in the inner corner of your eyelids and under your eyes, and glide with light pressure towards your temples.

Cheeks and chin: Use the wide, inward-curved side, start at the chin and glide up towards your hairline. Go up to your mouth and nose and stroke towards your ears.

Forehead: Using the broad outwardly or inwardly curved end of the stone, place it in the centre of your forehead and stroke horizontally to your temple and up to your hairline.

Neck: Use the wide outwardly curved end of the Gua Sha stone, start at the base of your neck and slowly move the stone up towards your chin.

Cleaning and care: Clean your Gua Sha stone with a damp cloth and let it dry.


100% natural black obsidian of the highest quality

Dimensions: 55 mm x 85 mm

Canvas bag made of 100% cotton


Cardboard made from recycled FSC paper

Free of plastic


To protect the stone during shipping, we use 100% recyclable cushioning material made of cardboard and do not use plastic bubble wrap.

Good to know:

The Gua Sha massage is a centuries-old Chinese beauty ritual. Gua Sha stones are traditionally made in China.

Our Gua Sha stones are made under fair conditions in Guangdong.

We have our Gua Sha stones transported in a climate-neutral manner. The resulting carbon emissions are offset through a forest protection project in Papua New Guinea with ClimatePartner.

Our manufacturer is a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and is committed to ensuring fair conditions in its entire supply chain as well as compliance with environmental standards. This is reviewed regularly by independent testing organisations.

Customer Reviews

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Black beauty - magnificance

Herrlich und wohltuend... macht süchtig

Wunderschöner Stein mit Liebe zum Detail verpackt

Der Stein fühlt sich toll an, man fasst ihn einfach gerne an. Die Verpackung war schön durchdacht und ästhetisch. Es war eine Freude ihn auszupacken.
Da als Geschenk für meine Mutter gedacht, wäre es schön gewesen die beiliegende Karte in deutsch zu haben.

Ein Traum!

Ich habe gerade erst die Gua Sha Gesichtsmassage für mich entdeckt und mich direkt in diesen Stein verliebt. Die Form passt sich wirklich perfekt dem Gesicht an und der Stein liegt super in der Hand. Ich habe immer schon Obsidian geliebt, daher war dieser Gua Sha ein MUSS und ich bin begeistert!

wunderschöner Stein :)

Der Gua Sha gefällt mir sehr gut. Er liegt super in der Hand und das Gesicht lässt sich damit toll "massieren". Ich verwende dazu ein Gesichtsöl, damit der Stein schön über die Haut gleiten kann. Ich würde jedem empfehlen sich online ein paar Tutorials anzusehen, damit man weiß was man alles mit dem Gua Sha machen kann. Auch der seitliche Hals und der Nacken freuen sich über eine kleine Behandlung. Gerade, wenn man, wie ich, viel am Computer sitzt.
Der Gua Sha ist sehr schön gearbeitet (abegrundet geschliffen; keine Kanten; glänzend poliert), fühlt sich wunderbar angenehm auf der Haut an. Das dazugehörige Säckchen finde ich auch prima.

Wunderschöner schwarzer Gua Sha

Ich habe den Gua Sha von meinem Freund geschenkt bekommen und bin total begeistert. Er ist wunderschön und liegt gut in der Hand. Ich verwende ihn am liebsten morgens, um mein Hyaluronserum einzuarbeiten. Der Gua Sha hat hierbei meinen Jaderoller abgelöst. Nach der Massage gehen Schwellungen deutlich zurück und meine Haut fühlt sich prall und sogar ein bisschen gestrafft an. Ich kann diesen Gua Sha nur weiterempfehlen! :)

Liebe Gina,

klasse, wir freuen uns, dass du ein neues Dream Team gefunden hast. Weiterhin viel Spass mit deinem Gua Sha! :)

Ganz liebe Grüße

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