About ruhi

ruhi is Persian and stands for soul, spirituality and essence. We believe the health of your skin and of your mind are deeply connected. ruhi has been inspired by centuries-old holistic rituals that stimulate your body’s self-healing abilities, increase your well-being and promote the health of your skin.

With our organic skincare products and high-quality tools made from natural materials, you can transform your skincare routine into a mindful self-care ritual that restores your inner balance and leaves your skin feeling radiant.

ruhi skincare rituals

ruhi is Persian and stands for soul and essence. Our skincare products combine both: they are made with love and are reduced to the essentials. Our skincare is based on centuries-old knowledge of powerful medicinal plants and potent active ingredients from modern natural cosmetics.

Our formulations are minimalist, yet highly effective and always backed by science. We use natural ingredients of the highest quality, if possible in organic quality.

At the same time, our products are ultra-gentle on the skin. We do not use any essential oils in facial care, and we always avoid drying alcohol and critical synthetic ingredients in our formulations. Our products are manufactured in Germany and meet the strict requirements of the EU Cosmetics Regulation.


ruhi was founded in 2019 by the Berlin-based skincare enthusiast Britta Hekmat. She previously has realised a number of beauty projects in the beauty, publishing and digital sectors. She began to take a greater interest in a holistic approach to beauty when she became pregnant, concentrating on Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy, and discovering traditional self-care rituals such as dry brush massages, cupping treatments and facial massage techniques. Britta started to integrate these simple treatments into her everyday routine and soon noticed how much she benefitted from them: ‘They reduce everyday stress and restore energy levels while also improving my skin!’

The idea for ruhi was born!

‘With ruhi, I would like to inspire women (and men!) to transform their skincare routine into a mindful self-care ritual and discover their natural glow.’

Sustainable Selfcare

With ruhi, we are pursuing a holistic approach that goes beyond just self-care: it is sustainable self-care. This means we always make sure our impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

Our skincare products and brushes are crafted in family-owned companies based in Germany that employ sustainable practices. Moreover, our skincare products are made with sustainably procured ingredients. For our brushes, we use regional beech wood from responsibly managed forests; the natural bristles are ethically sourced.

Our crystal tools, which are made abroad under fair conditions, are transported via climate-neutral means. The produced CO2 emissions are offset thanks to a forest conservation project in Papua New Guinea.

Our packaging is made from recycled, FSC-certified material with environmentally friendly inks, and we always avoid the unnecessary use of plastic. Many of our products are assembled in a Berlin workshop for people with disabilities.