Holistic Slow Aging

Meaning soul and essence in the Persian language, ruhi embraces the stripped-back spirit of mindfulness and minimalism.

Containing the bare essentials for skincare, our holistic formulas combine ancient knowledge of powerful, bioactive medicinal plants and adaptogens with innovative bioactive ingredients to deliver natural and visible results. Unique in their concentration of 5 -10 hero ingredients, our products are led by scientific efficacy at every level.

Protect the skin from signs of aging, strengthen and balance its barrier while promoting cellular regeneration with a collection that’s natural (82 - 98% organic), microbiome-friendly and vegan.

Together with our tools crafted from natural materials, this makes the perfect foundation for transforming your routine into a powerful self-care ritual that will not only make your skin glow but encourage a restoration of inner peace and equilibrium.


"A game changer in your ritual" - VOGUE

The Bakuchiol Oil Serum

The Bakuchiol Oil Serum

€230 / 100ml

including taxes plus shipping

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