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Holistic Slow Aging


High-performance bio-active skincare designed to deeply nourish, regenerate, balance and protect sensitive skin types. Always organic, natural and vegan.

Highest organic quality

ruhi is not only 100% natural but 82 to 98% organic. Instead of using water as our products’ base, we utilise organic plant juices and gently cold-pressed organic active oils for optimum results.

Optimal slow-ageing effect

All ruhi active ingredients are used at scientifically backed concentrations demonstrating outstanding slow-ageing effectiveness.

Ideal for sensitive skin

Our minimalist, nourishing formulations strengthen the skin barrier and avoid all alcohol, essential oils (in facial care) and synthetic substances that can sensitise vulnerable skin.

ruhi Story

"Als ich schwanger wurde, suchte ich nach einer natürlichen Alternative zu meiner bisher genutzten Anti-Aging-Skincare, konnte aber keine hochwirksame und reizarme Naturkosmetik finden, die Inhaltsstoffe mit wissenschaftlich bewiesener Wirksamkeit verwendet.
Zuvor stieß ich auf den pflanzlichen Inhaltsstoff Bakuchiol, der in Studien dieselbe fantastische Slow-Aging-Wirkung erzielte wie das synthetische Retinol. Das war der Impuls für meine natürliche und zugleich hocheffektive Bio-Wirkstoffpflege. So wurde ruhi zu einer der ersten Naturkosmetikfirmen, die Bakuchiol verwendeten – und das ruhi Bakuchiol Oil Serum zum echten Game-Changer.“
Britta Hekmat, Gründerin von ruhi
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100% natural plant power

Our high-performance organic skincare is formulated with high-quality, cold-pressed oils, plant waters and highly effective plant-derived actives in scientifically recommended and transparent concentrations — without water, cheap fillers and oils, fragrances or alcohol.

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About ruhi

Meaning soul and essence in the Persian language, ruhi embraces the stripped-back spirit of mindfulness and minimalism. Containing the bare essentials for skincare, our formulas combine ancient knowledge of powerful, bioactive medicinal plants with innovative biotechnological processes to deliver natural and visible results.

Unique in their concentration of 5 -10 hero ingredients, our products are led by scientific efficacy at every level. From antioxidants that protect the skin to adaptogens that have been shown to regenerate from within, ruhi stands for holistic slow aging and a balanced approach to beauty.

Protect the skin from signs of aging, strengthen and balance its barrier while promoting cellular regeneration with a collection that’s 100% vegan, natural (82 - 98% organic), and cruelty-free. Ultra-gentle to the skin, ruhi also completely avoids synthetic ingredients, fragrances, drying alcohols, unnecessary fillers and essential oils (for the face).

Together with our tools crafted from natural materials, this makes the perfect foundation for transforming your routine into a powerful self-care ritual that will not only make your skin glow but encourage a restoration of inner peace and equilibrium.


„A game-changer in your skincare ritual!“

British VOGUE über das Bakuchiol Oil Serum

NO. 1 THE 5 BEST PRODUCTS WITH BAKUCHIOL: "With regular use, it visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles and activates the body’s own collagen production."
ELLE Germany about the Bakuchiol Oil Serum

„Das Produkt ist großartig. Meine [Akne-]Narben sind deutlich zurückgegangen und meine Haut ist viel softer und ebenmäßiger geworden. Ich bin ganz großer Fan!“

Elina Dietrich, Beauty Blogger von über das Bakuchiol Oil Serum

„I highly recommend ruhi's Bakuchiol Oil Serum as a plant-based alternative to retinol.“

Dunja Kara, Organic Beauty Coach @ CleanMyRoutine about the Bakuchiol Oil Serum

"ruhi’s Bakuchiol serum was one of my staples in the bathroom for months and I was already blown away by the instant effect you could see after usage."

Julia Knolle, Co-Founder Hey Woman! über das Bakuchiol Oil Serum

"After a week I've finally seen some improvements on 3 hormonal breakouts that seem to not want to dissapear from my face ever!"

Margherita Fresilli, Editor GRAZIA Italia über das Bakuchiol Oil Serum