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Begin shaving towards the end of a warm shower when your skin and hair are soft. Apply some shaving soap, foam, or oil to the area you want to shave.

In contrast to a conventional plastic razor, when shaving with a Safety Razor, no additional pressure has to be exerted, the weight of the razor is sufficient for a close shave.

Here's how you assemble the razor

This is how you shave properly

Place the razor on your skin at about a 30-degree angle. Start the shave without exerting extra pressure, the weight of the razor is sufficient.

Start with feather-light, short strokes and gently slide the razor over the skin. Shave particularly carefully on uneven areas such as the knees, the ankles or moles. Keep holding the razor under water every now and then to get rid of hair and foam.

Now apply a care product of your choice and enjoy your smooth and silky skin.