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Dry brush massage body Always start with the parts of the body that are furthest away from the heart and slowly work your way towards the center of the body with light, even brush strokes. Repeat the following steps 3-5 times.

Legs: Start the massage with your feet and stroke up towards your lower legs. From there, brush on to your thighs all the way to your bottom.

Poor: Start on the back of your hand and brush your arms up to your shoulders.

Stomach & back: Brush circularly in a clockwise direction over the abdomen according to the course of the intestine. To do this, start on the right side of the lower abdomen and stroke up to the ribs. From there, brush horizontally to the left and then down again. 
Now brush your back over the sides in a circular motion.

Complete! Now is the ideal time to take a shower to remove the flakes of skin. Then apply your favorite body oil and enjoy your silky smooth, glowing skin!

Cleaning & Care: After each use, pat the brush on a hard, level surface to remove any flakes of skin. The brush is not suitable for cleaning with water. Do not place the brush near any heat sources. Keep the brush in a dry place.