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I love body oils, but the greasy film left behind on my skin bothers me. That's why I formulated a body oil that absorbs without leaving any residue and ticks all the boxes: The Adaptogen Body Oil Serum is intensely nourishing, firming, detoxifying and invigorating – with scientifically proven and completely natural ingredients of the highest quality. The highlight: Thanks to its innovative 2-phase formulation, the Body Oil Serum is absorbed in an instant, never leaving an annoying oil film on the skin. How does it work? If you shake it, the oils and aloe vera juice combine to form a natural emulsion—without any synthetic binders!

High-quality, cold-pressed organic active oils for skin tightening, such as argan oil, sesame oil and rosehip oil (as well as squalane from organic sugar cane), form the base of this luxurious body oil. The so-called water phase is actually water-free—it consists exclusively of organic juice directly from the aloe vera plant.

At the same time, the Oil Serum contains some of the best scientifically proven ingredients that natural cosmetics have to offer for firming the skin—ingredients that are usually only used in high-quality active formulations for the face. Inside you’ll find an extract from the mat bean, a plant-based alternative to retinol, Gotu Kola extract, as well as a generous 2% brown seaweed extract.

Essential oils from cardamom and bergamot in low, well-tolerated concentrations stimulate blood circulation, renew your energy and ensure a positive mood.

The result? A highly effective, holistic slow-ageing body oil with the same high-impact formulation as a first-class face serum.