Regional, oiled FSC-certified beech wood

Dimensions: diameter of 100 mm

100% natural bristles (bleached wild boar bristles, ethically sourced)

Bristle thickness: medium

Sustainably crafted in Germany

Elastic rubber band is certified to the ÖKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

The brush may lose individual hairs during the first few uses. This is completely normal and will stop by itself after a short time.


Cardboard made from recycled FSC paper printed with environmentally friendly inks

Free of plastic


Our brushes are always packaged plastic-free. We make our packaging from recycled, FSC-certified cardboard that is printed with environmentally friendly inks.

Our brushes are made in a family-owned, FSC-certified company based in Germany that employs sustainable practices.

Our manufacturer is also EMAS certified, also known as the EU Eco Audit. EMAS ensures that all environmental aspects – from energy consumption to waste and emissions – are implemented in a legally secure and transparent manner.