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This unique toner serum combines tradition and innovation like no other ruhi product. Inspired by my Persian roots, the base of the Adaptogen Toner Serum is made of premium organic rose water from the Damascus rose - the favourite beauty ritual of Persian women for many thousands of years. The superstar of the serum is a highly innovative bio-tech active ingredient from modern natural cosmetics research with clinically proven effectiveness - stem cell extract from the goji berry, which demonstrably tightens and firms the skin.  

In addition, the Toner Serum contains two of my favourite TCM power mushrooms - Reishi, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates collagen production, and Silver Ear Mushroom, a purely plant-based hyaluron alternative. Organic aloe vera juice supports the skin-soothing effect. The formulation is topped with arginine, an amino acid that occurs naturally in the skin and stabilises the skin's pH value.

The result: a minimally formulated, super-light and refreshing slow aging serum with toner qualities that soothes, firms and moisturises the skin for a long time. My tip: The Adaptogen Toner Serum is ideal as a base for our oil serums.

Have fun with it,