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"A vitamin C serum is an absolute must-have product in my slow-ageing routine, alongside other products like a nourishing facial oil. Luckily, our Vitamin C Oil Serum combines both—it is a potent, collagen-building vitamin C serum and an ultra-nourishing facial oil all in one product. This multi-use functionality allows me to combine two steps of my morning routine into just one and start the day more at ease.

The Vitamin C Oil Serum is also my ideal everyday companion because it not only protects my skin from UV radiation but also from blue light when I'm sitting in front of the laptop all day*. Plus, it's anti-inflammatory and restores my often-stressed-out skin to its healthy balance—all with just a few, hand-picked ingredients of the highest quality in a minimalist formulation."

Have fun with it,

*Please note that the product does not replace sunscreen.