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 "Another product that is never missing from my skincare routine is a hyaluronic acid serum because I find that adding more moisture is good for my skin at any time of year. But I thought: why should a hyaluronic acid serum only have one ability and make time-consuming product layering necessary? With ruhi’s Probiotic Hyaluronic Acid Serum, I wanted to create a holistic, innovative moisturising serum that ticks all the boxes. In addition to its exceptional moisturising abilities (thanks to four types of hyaluronic acid), it protects the skin from harmful environmental influences, stabilises the microbiome, prevents inflammation and boosts cell regeneration. 

 The hyaluronic acid used corresponds to the latest and highest state of biotechnology. It is added in 3 molecular sizes totalling 1.2% — the ideal amount for thirsty skin — then natural hyaluronic acid from the silver ear mushroom rounds off the hyaluronic complex. It's also non-sticky, which is difficult to find in a good hyaluronic serum!

In addition, the serum contains a fantastic, innovative probiotic active ingredient that retains its bacterial structure even in cosmetic products and can therefore actually benefit the skin and strengthen the microbiome. According to scientific studies, it even fortifies the skin barrier by up to 77%. Instead of water, we use anti-inflammatory organic aloe vera juice. Willow bark is the natural substitute for the BHA salicylic acid and powerfully boosts skin renewal. Plus, thanks to white tea, the serum also has a strong antioxidant effect. The result is an innovative, powerful all-rounder for sensitive skin that is so much more than a simple hyaluronic serum!"

Have fun with it,