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This minimalist, circular massage brush with 100% natural bristles in medium strength is the ideal brush for your daily dry brushing ritual. 


Body dry brushing is an ancient Ayurveda healing method and has numerous benefits for your health and well-being. Just a few minutes of dry brushing per day is enough to increase your health and energy level!

Regular dry brushing 

  • promotes blood circulation and lymph flow, 
  • effectively removes dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of new skin cells,
  • removes toxins (detox), 
  • strengthens your immune system – especially in the cold season, and
  • helps you firm and tone your connective tissue. 


Our ruhi brush is specially designed for body dry brushing and has the perfect bristle thickness for your skin: not too soft and not too firm! It exfoliates gently yet effectively – without scratching.

It is made of 100% natural bristles and oiled, regional beech wood from responsibly managed forests. The brush is free of plastic. 

The practical, elastic rubber band is certified to the ÖKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. This dry brush is sustainably and traditionally crafted in Germany.

Dry brushing, also called gharsana, is an important part of the millennia-old Ayurveda healing teachings of India. The aim of dry brushing in Ayurveda is to move the lymph fluid towards the heart. This is intended to guide stored toxins and metabolic waste into the liver and kidneys and, ultimately, to drain them away.

Body dry brushing is also an integral part of naturopathy. Sebastian Kneipp, the famous German naturopath used dry brushing to prevent colds and infectious diseases.

Always begin at your extremities (furthest away from the heart) and brush towards the centre of your body. Brush lightly with slow and even strokes towards your heart. 

Legs: Start at your feet and massage towards your lower thigh. Brush from your lower leg to your thigh and then brush towards your buttocks.

Arms: Begin at the backs of your hands and work upwards to your shoulders.

Stomach and back: Follow a clockwise direction on your stomach. Start on the bottom right side of your abdomen and stroke upwards until you approach your ribs. From there, brush horizontally to the left and continue down from there. Then brush your back over the sides in a circular movement.

Cleaning and care: Shake out the brush head after each use by gently tapping it against a hard surface to remove all skin cells. Don't clean the brush with water, and store it in a dry place.


Regional, oiled FSC-certified beech wood

Dimensions: diameter of 100 mm

100% natural bristles (bleached wild boar bristles, ethically sourced)

Bristle thickness: medium

Sustainably crafted in Germany

Elastic rubber band is certified to the ÖKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

The brush may lose individual hairs during the first few uses. This is completely normal and will stop by itself after a short time.


Cardboard made from recycled FSC paper printed with environmentally friendly inks

Free of plastic


Our brushes are always packaged plastic-free. We make our packaging from recycled, FSC-certified cardboard that is printed with environmentally friendly inks.

Our brushes are made in a family-owned, FSC-certified company based in Germany that employs sustainable practices.

Our manufacturer is also EMAS certified, also known as the EU Eco Audit. EMAS ensures that all environmental aspects – from energy consumption to waste and emissions – are implemented in a legally secure and transparent manner.

Customer Reviews

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Super Qualität, schnelle Lieferung und die handgeschriebene Notiz ist so süß! Da hat man gleich ein ganz persönliches Gefühl, super schön! Am Anfang war die Bürste ein bisschen hart auf meiner Haut, aber daran gewöhnt man sich schnell und beim 2.-3. mal war es schon ist es total angenehm. Meine Haut ist soooo weich!


Wunderbares Produkt, das ich jeden Tag gerne verwende und in meiner Routine nicht mehr missen möchte. Ich habe empfindliche Haut, aber das Bürsten vor dem Duschen ist trotzdem kein Problem. Schnelle Lieferung und eine handgeschriebene Notiz dazu - einfach toll :-) Danke!

Wunderschönes neues Ritual

Die ruhi dry brush ist meine erste Trockenbürste. Ich finde sie super, man kann den Druck durch das Band selbst gut regulieren. Ich benutze sie immer vor dem duschen und merke wie meine leichte Reibeisenhaut zurückgeht. Ich finde es ein wunderschönes Selfcare Ritual, auf das ich mich immer freue, fühle mich danach immer wunderbar relaxed und gleichzeitig voller Energie für den Tag!

Super Produkt!

Benutze die Bürste vor dem Duschen, sie macht die Haut schön weich!

Soooo toll

Ich habe nicht mit einem so positiven Effekt gerechnet. Ich benutze die Bürste jetzt seit etwa zwei Wochen immer morgens und fühle mich so wach und erfrischt. Meine Haut ist danach immer ganz weich

Liebe SD,

wie schön, dass dich unsere Bürste und das tägliche Dry Brushing Ritual so überzeugt haben. So soll es sein! :)

Weiterhin happy brushing und liebe Grüße,

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