The Probiotic Hyaluronic Serum

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This multifunctional biological* serum contains no less than four types of hyaluronic acid: 1.2% low, medium and high molecular weight vegan hyaluronic acid of the highest biotechnological quality, as well as plant-based hyaluronic acid from the snow mushroom.

In addition, an innovative award-winning active probiotic ingredient** strengthens the skin barrier with clinically proven effectiveness, as it is the first to maintain its bacterial probiotic structure. Willow bark extract and aloe vera juice have a strong anti-inflammatory effect, while white tea extract protects against free radicals. This multifunctional serum has an intensely moisturising, calming and balancing effect.

Quantity: 10 ml/ 0.3 fl oz


Provides the skin with moisture over a long period of time and plumps it from the inside out.


Soothes stressed skin and helps reduce inflammation.


Strengthens the skin barrier while balancing the skin and its microbiome.

*100% NATURAL/ 82% ORGANIC/ 100% VEGAN



With low, medium and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid of the highest biotechnological quality, the skin is deeply hydrated and plumped from within, while fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced immediately. Skin elasticity as well as suppleness are promoted, and the skin’s moisture depots are replenished for the long term.


Our innovative probiotic active ingredient** is the first to maintain its bacterial structure in cosmetic formulations – one of the most important features of probiotics. These living probiotic cultures have been proven to activate the skin’s natural protective function by effectively strengthening the skin barrier, while simultaneously soothing sensitive skin and visibly reducing dryness as well as redness. Clinical studies confirm an improvement in the natural protective function of the skin by up to 77%.


Extract from the snow mushroom acts like a plant-based form of hyaluronic acid, helping the skin retain moisture.


Extract from organic white tea has a strong antioxidant effect and protects the skin from free radicals while inhibiting the breakdown of collagen.


Natural salicylic acid from organic willow bark extract promotes skin renewal and has potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Organic aloe vera juice moisturises the skin, soothes irritation and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

** Awarded the BSB Innovation Award in the category Active Ingredients.


  • 100% natural and 82% organic ingredients
  • Holistic and multifunctional formulation that covers all important skin needs (protect, balance, hydrate).
  • Innovative organic slow aging formulation 
  • Anti-inflammatory and microbiome-friendly 
  • Formulated with scientifically proven ingredients in optimal concentrations
  • Based on aloe vera juice instead of water and without fillers, contains only high-quality, effective ingredients
  • Suitable for all skin types, perfect for dry, mature and sensitive skin
  • Free from essential oils, drying alcohols, synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives, microplastics, mineral oils, silicones and parabens
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • NEW: almost plastic-free packaging with 100% recyclable glass bottle, silicone dropper with aluminum ring (there is only a small plastic element inside the dropper).


Vegan & cruelty free 

100% NATURAL/ 82% ORGANIC / 100% VEGAN

Made in Germany


Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice*, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol (from sugarcane & corn), Aqua, Sodium Hyaluronate, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract*, Lactobacillus Ferment, Tremella Fuciformis (Snow Mushroom) Extract, Camellia Sinensis (White Tea) Leaf Extract*, Xanthan Gum, Maltodextrin, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid

* certified organic


Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice (organic)
Organic aloe vera juice. Anti-inflammatory.
100% natural glycerin which acts as a natural moisturiser.
Pentylene Glycol
100% natural, extracted from sugar cane and corn. Natural moisturiser with antibacterial and preservative properties.
Small amount of water in which our plant extracts are dissolved.
Sodium Hyaluronate
1.2% hyaluronic acid of the highest biotechnological quality in 3 molecular weights. Intensively moisturises the skin.
Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract
Organic plant extract from silver willow, acts like natural salicylic acid (BHA).
Lactobacillus Ferment
100% natural, innovative probiotic extract that can maintain its bacterial structure in cosmetic formulations. Proven to strengthen the microbiome.
Tremella Fuciformis (Snow Mushroom) Extract
Intensely moisturises like plantbased hyaluronic acid.
Camellia Sinensis (White Tea) Leaf Extract
Organic plant extract from white tea. Has a strong antioxidant effect and inhibits the breakdown of collagen.
Xanthan Gum
100% natural fermentation product created by natural microorganisms based on sugary substrates. It is used as a natural emulsifier and moisturises the skin.
100% natural plant-derived carbohydrate that helps form emulsions and moisturises the skin.
Sodium Citrate
100% natural sodium salt of citric acid, regulates and stabilises the pH value.
Citric Acid
100% natural citric acid to regulate the pH value and supports the skin cells in retaining moisture.





82% of the ingredients come from sustainable, certified organic agriculture.


Our serums are manufactured in a sustainable factory specialized in natural cosmetics in Germany.


NEW: almost plastic-free packaging with 100% recyclable glass bottle, silicone dropper with aluminum ring (there is only a small plastic element inside the dropper).

Packaging cardboard made from 100% biodegradable, FSC-certified natural cardboard printed with environmentally friendly inks.

How do I apply The Probiotic Hyaluronic Serum?

Apply 4 to 5 drops to cleansed skin as needed.

When is the best time to use The Probiotic Hyaluronic Serum?

Our Hyaluronic Serum can be used at any time of day, whenever your skin is feeling thirsty. We recommend using a few drops under your face oil (or cream) first thing in the morning to keep your skin adequately hydrated all day long.

In which step of my beauty routine do I use The Probiotic Hyaluronic Serum?

We recommend using our Hyaluronic Serum after toner and before a facial oil (or cream) when your skin is still slightly damp to draw that water content into the skin. After applying the Hyaluronic Serum, a face oil or one of our oil serums will lock in that moisture for perfectly hydrated skin. 

Is The Probiotic Hyaluronic Serum suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes! Our Hyaluronic Serum was specifically developed for soothing and hydrating sensitivity, so it’s ideal for sensitive skin types. The formula is free from drying alcohols, synthetic preservatives and fragrances, essential oils or other potentially skin-irritating ingredients that can exacerbate sensitive skin concerns. We include scientifically proven ingredients such as active probiotics, which have been proven to support a strong, healthy skin barrier that’s necessary for calming sensitivity. 

ruhi TIP: We always recommend testing a new skincare product on a small area of skin before adding it to your skincare routine. This way, you can easily rule out an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.

Why do you use a transparent bottle for The Probiotic Hyaluronic Serum?

The active ingredients used are stable to light and oxidation, so we can use a transparent glass bottle without compromising the formula’s effectiveness.

What makes the ruhi Hyaluronic Serum so special?

For one, we use state of the art active ingredients that have clinically proven efficacy in generous concentrations, including our probiotic active ingredient, which has won the BSB Innovation Award. Not only are these novel active ingredients costly and rarely used in products, if only in small quantities. We’ve chosen to up the standard by always using the comparatively high concentration of an active ingredient—even if this makes our product costs higher.

We only use effective, natural ingredients of the highest quality in our formulas. And, whenever possible, these high-quality, natural, all-vegan ingredients are sourced organic or come from wild collection. Instead of packing our serums full of water, we use high-quality cold-pressed organic oils or, as in our Hyaluronic Serum, organic juice directly from the aloe vera plant. (There is only the smallest amount of water in our serum, as most plant extracts are dissolved in water.)

Our Probiotic Hyaluronic Serum is an innovative in-house development on which we have worked for many months in close collaboration with our experienced natural cosmetics laboratory. Such in-house development is a lengthy and costly process, which is why many brands resort to cheaper and faster-to-produce pre-made standard formulas. For us, however, this was out of the question because our innovative formulation ideas can only be realised within the framework of in-house development where there is the creative freedom to bring to life effective, bioactive, natural skincare.

If you have any further questions, please email us at We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

 "Another product that is never missing from my skincare routine is a hyaluronic acid serum because I find that adding more moisture is good for my skin at any time of year. But I thought: why should a hyaluronic acid serum only have one ability and make time-consuming product layering necessary? With ruhi’s Probiotic Hyaluronic Acid Serum, I wanted to create a holistic, innovative moisturising serum that ticks all the boxes. In addition to its exceptional moisturising abilities (thanks to four types of hyaluronic acid), it protects the skin from harmful environmental influences, stabilises the microbiome, prevents inflammation and boosts cell regeneration. 

 The hyaluronic acid used corresponds to the latest and highest state of biotechnology. It is added in 3 molecular sizes totalling 1.2% — the ideal amount for thirsty skin — then natural hyaluronic acid from the silver ear mushroom rounds off the hyaluronic complex. It's also non-sticky, which is difficult to find in a good hyaluronic serum!

In addition, the serum contains a fantastic, innovative probiotic active ingredient that retains its bacterial structure even in cosmetic products and can therefore actually benefit the skin and strengthen the microbiome. According to scientific studies, it even fortifies the skin barrier by up to 77%. Instead of water, we use anti-inflammatory organic aloe vera juice. Willow bark is the natural substitute for the BHA salicylic acid and powerfully boosts skin renewal. Plus, thanks to white tea, the serum also has a strong antioxidant effect. The result is an innovative, powerful all-rounder for sensitive skin that is so much more than a simple hyaluronic serum!"

Have fun with it,

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sehr zufrieden

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Serum. Ich habe trockene Haut, die öfters spannt. Das Serum versorgt meine Haut mit ausreichend Feuchtigkeit und hinterlässt kein irritierendes Gefühl. Auch verträgt es sich gut mit meinen anderen Pflegeprodukten. Ich werde es mir auf jeden Fall erneut kaufen.

Tolles Haut Gefühl

Macht ein tolles Hautgefühl aber leider reagiere ich allergisch mit Rötung und Pickeln. Das hat selbstverständlich nichts mit der Qualität zu tun, ich kann es nur nicht weiter verwenden.

Liebe Anne,
vielen Dank für deine gute Bewertung. Leider kann eine Unverträglichkeit gegen einen der Inhaltsstoffe auch bei Naturkosmetik in seltenen Fällen vorkommen.
Daher bieten wir dir gerne an, das benutzte Serum einfach an uns zurückzuschicken und wir erstatten dir den vollen Kaufpreis oder tauschen es gegen ein anderes Serum um - ganz wie du magst.
Melde dich einfach bei uns und schreibe an
Liebe Grüße & happy new Year
X Britta


...aber mir persönlich ist es leider zu dickflüssig , ich mag es lieber etwas dünner, aber das ist ja Geschmackssache.
Es fühlt sich auf jeden Fall sehr angenehm auf der Haut an , wer es dickflüssiger mag, wird es lieben.

Heidrun Hock
Alles Bestens

Für mich sind es endlich die besten Produkte, meine sehr Empfindliche Haut fühlt sich wohl und ist gut gepflegt. Das Hyaluronic Serum tut meiner Haut so gut. Und das wichtigste, man Sieht und fühlt in dieser Produktlinie, steckt soviel Herz. Bitte weiter so.

Julia Wunderlich

The Probiotic Hyaluronic Serum 10 ML

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